Key Services Provided

Embarking on the journey for a new home or investment property is exciting, but it can also be very stressful and time consuming. Aware of the challenges, our focus is to not only get you the best possible property and price for you, but to make the entire process as stress free and enjoyable as we can. Below are some of the tools and techniques we use to accomplish this. 


Buyer Consultation 

We will come to you or speak over the phone at your convenience to discuss your wish list, budget and other requirements you have.
Based on your description of your ideal property, we can provide advice and suggestions on the possibilities available to you. 

Our expert advice includes:

  • Location specifics
  • Property type - What type of real estate is best for you.
  • Long-term investment potential
  • Market Trends


We work with a range of professionals to take care of everything you need in buying a property, including our in house Mortgage Broker from One St Mortgage. The pre-approval process starts over the phone or online with no need for an appointment or 9-5 schedule. Having the mortgage broker down the hall from us, we are able to work together in managing all the details of your transaction and giving you the best service possible. 



Instant Notifications

Based on our consultation, we will tailor a custom search to identify properties that match your criteria. We will send you new listings as often or as little as you like - Instant/Daily/Weekly etc. Directly receive new listings the moment they are listed on MLS®.


Our job is to help you find a good property. We are able to show you any listing for sale and work with you from beginning to end. We don’t rush our buyers, on average we will view 25-30 properties during the process, but don’t worry we can view 3-5 at a time. During a showing we will not only point out the features and positive aspects of a property, but will also advise on concerns, defects and potential repairs. 

Our expert advice includes:

  • Construction knowledge
  • Common age specific concerns (i.e. asbestos insulation, knob and tube wiring, etc.)
  • Signs of compromised structural integrity
  • Approximate repair costs and connections with industry experts in all trades 


Let’s make a deal

When we find the right property, it’s time to write an offer. Negotiations begin, be patient, this can take a couple days of back and forth working out the details. 

Our expert advice includes:

  • Experience from hundreds of successful transactions
  • How to make your offer the most attractive with terms 
  • Negotiation techniques 
  • Appropriate conditions to protect your interests 

We work with one of the best home inspectors in the business, who aligns with our values of integrity and honesty. Even when the truth is ugly. Our goal is for you to be informed as possible about the property you are buying, that’s why we work with an inspector who has thermal imaging. Should the property not meet your expectations, we want you to know that before you buy it and have the opportunity to avoid making a mistake. If the deal falls through, so be it, we can always find you another property. 

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